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Galileo’s Views on Science, Scripture, and Truth In 1910 Galileo published the Sidereal Messenger which discussed his first discoveries with a telescope. The Church, and in particular, Father Odo van Malecite, deeply supported Galileo’s new findings. However, things would not remain so glamorous for Galileo. After moving to Florence, his new found interest in Copernicanism warranted many attacks from Scholastic philosophers who hailed Scholasticism as an undeniable truth. Heated debates between the two surfaced, eventually escalating into accusation for heresy. This prompted Galileo to write his “Letter to Castelli” (1613) and later the Letter to Christina (1615). In these letters, Galileo argues in his defense, that Copernicanism is an acceptable viewpoint, and he warns the future of the Church could be in great peril if it censored inconvenient ideas. Scholastic philosopher believed that the Earth was in the center of the universe and that the Sun circled around it. In view of this belief, they used various Biblical passages to support their position against Copernicanism. Most notably, Galileo refers in his letters, to the Joshua passage. However, in light of Galileo’s study of Joshua he realized that any way he interpreted this Biblical Scripture, a geocentric concept wasn’t viable (107). Later Galileo suggested that there is a new relationship between science and Scripture, which “biblical interpretation depended on physical investigation” (9).
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Refigh - Galileos Views on Science, Scripture, and Truth In...

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