SCI REV test 2 notes MIKE - Tycho Brahe - Greatest...

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Tycho Brahe - Greatest pre-telescopic observational astronomer - New emphasis on precise observation - Did not accept Copernican teachings (didn’t believe the Earth moves) - High-ranking nobleman in Danish society - Fascinated with the Almagest - Noticed observations/predictions about astronomy slightly off - Tracked motions and mapped stars every day (even creating a celestial globe) - Thought Ptolemy was not entirely accurate - In 1572, he saw a “Nova Stella”, or New Star - He actually witnessed a supernova, initially bright and it lasted 18 months - Noticed its lack of stellar parallax; this meant that it was above the Sun (this meant that the heavens were not eternal and unchanging as stated by Aristotelian teachings) - Danish king gives Tycho the island of Hven for his observatory - 1577, Tycho observes comet, noticed its parallax measurement, which showed it was beyond the moon - The comet appears to go through the “crystalline spheres”, which the celestial bodies were thought to reside in (they were thought to be solid) - Tychonic System- all planets revolve around the Sun, while the Sun revolves around the Earth Kepler - Published revolutionary results in Astronomia Nova (1609) - Believes in Copernican system - Found out planets do not move in uniform circles as previously thought in the Ptolemaic system; also saw Sun as the driving force of the solar system -
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SCI REV test 2 notes MIKE - Tycho Brahe - Greatest...

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