Sci Rev Test 2LOPEZ - Tycho Brahe 15:55 Tycho Brahe and...

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Unformatted text preview: Tycho Brahe 15:55 Tycho Brahe and observational astronomy Greatest pre-telescopic astronomer Copernicus new observations were based on former observations and molding his own from what they’d seen, Brahe focused on his own observational astronomy Tycho Brahe Never accepted Copernicus’s theory that the Earth moved Did believe two sphere Aristotelian theory Conservative guy Led very colorful life He was Danish, but was from Southern Sweden (At the time was Denmark) He was from a very high ranking noble family Personal Life Brother had been promised by Tycho’s father one of his sons (one of twins which was Tycho) Tycho was later kidnapped and raised by uncle Very socially prominent, and very wealthy Life events leading to interest in Astronomy Tycho was intended to receive education of Danish noble, traveling and meeting people, but not studying anything to demanding When he was 14 he had several experiences that impacted his life Impressed that astronomers could predict eclipse of sun so he wanted to learn how they did so he borrowed Ptolemy’s Almagest Quality of observations that were used were not perfect Uncle wasn’t pleased with his interest in Astronomy Acquired his own instruments including a : Cross Stab, angle measurer Astronomy wasn’t only interest… Interested in Parcelcian theory; Cosmic Connection between things on Earth and in Heaven Studied books like Ptolemy’s, but also looked at the sky itself through observation Did this more systematically, emphasized precise and detailed observations Most astronomers up to this point had only focused on big things in astronomy Tycho insisted on tracking every movement, every night Mapping stars Used slightly improved instruments All Naked eye observations Instruments were large, but also portable, because he traveled so much In 1572, while living in Denmark, he saw a new star; Was able to change position while elsewhere in Europe Bright for a short time, but not visible for months Star showed no measurable Paralax, something new had happened in the heavens which was very unarostitilean In 1573, he published a book called the Nova Stella From this he began to attract offers of patronage and gained followers; King of Denmark offered to give him a whole island Stayed there from late 1570’s to 1590’s Brahe’s Denmark Taxed his peasants for heavily to build his facilities Observing from observation decks didn’t work very well because it was too windy Built Stjerneborg- mostly underground facility to study the stars/planets Uraniborg—site for new observatory Mural Quadrant- window where you see the star through and can measure the angle...
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Sci Rev Test 2LOPEZ - Tycho Brahe 15:55 Tycho Brahe and...

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