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The Ingenious Robert Hooke Robert Hooke (English, 1635–1703) contributed to many areas of science and technology, but has been largely overshadowed by his rival, Isaac Newton . Born in southern England (Isle of Wight); always sickly; hunched and twisted. Showed early skill with clocks; looked on all of nature as essentially mechanical. At Oxford in 1650s, took job as lab assistant to Robert Boyle ; built the air pump and did most of the experiments, but Boyle got the credit. Hooke’s social position was always problematic; he didn’t fit the usual social categories. In 1664, Royal Society hired Hooke as ‘curator of experiments ’; expected to provide ‘three or four considerable experiments’ for each weekly meeting. Very productive period, but wore Hooke out. In Micrographia (1665), Hooke laid out his observations with microscope. Great success; led him to work on biology (Hooke coined the word ‘cell’), mineralogy,
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Unformatted text preview: theory of light. Said light is pulses in ether ; colors arise from their interaction. After Great Fire (1666), Hooke helped rebuild London; worked closely with the great architect, astronomer, and mathematician Christopher Wren (16321723). In 1679 Hooke proposed that workings of the planetary system could be explained by three principles: All celestial bodies gravitate toward their own centers and draw in other bodies within the sphere of their activity. All bodies move in straight lines unless by some other effectual powers deflected and bent into circular or elliptical orbits. Attraction toward the center of a body weakens with distance. Hooke later accused Isaac Newton of stealing his ideas about gravity and motion, but few people took his side; Hooke became increasingly bitter in his later years....
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