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UGS 303 The American Experience/Autobiographies Review Test #1 Preview Review Test #1 Types of Questions: 1. Questions of fact answerable in a word, phrase, or a sentence; e.g., identifying a text and its author from a quotation, defining a term such as “memoir,“ or dealing with the subjects in the open- book exercises (reviewed below). 2. Questions requiring a paragraph to answer; e.g., the subjects of group exercises (reviewed below). 3. Essay questions calling for multiple-paragraph answers; e.g., the subjects of group exercises (reviewed below). Students answer three or four questions from among a list of five or six questions. Review Test #1 Questions Can Treat These Course Texts: 1. W.R. Thayer, from Theodore Roosevelt: A. ..Biography: Preface, Chapters I, IV, V, VII, XXIV, and XXV, American Autobiography Course Packet. 2. Augustine of Hippo, from The Confessions: “Book I,” “Book II,” and “Book VI,” Course Packet. 3. Margerie Kempe, from The Book of Margerie Kempe: “The Birth of Her First Child and Her First Vision,“ “Margery and Her Husband Reach a Settlement,“ and “Pilgrimage to Jerusalem,” Course Packet. 4. Michel de Montaigne, “Of Friendship,” Course Packet. 5. Mary Rowlandson, A True History of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, Classic American Autobiographies, pp. 26-69. 6. Jean Jacques Rousseau, from The Confessions, from “Book I” (to: “Thus I passed the age of puberty. ..), Course Packet. 7. Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Classic American Autobiographies, pp. 71-134 and 141-190 (up to: “In 1754 war with France being again apprehended. ..”). 8. Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Classics, pp. 230-327. 9. Walt Whitman, Song of Myself
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10. Gertrude Bonnin, Indian Childhood, Classics, pp. 413-462. 11. Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams, “Preface” and Chapter 1, Course Packet. 12. Edward Bok, The Americanization of Edward Bok, “An Explanation” and Chapters 1-3, Course Packet. 13. William L. Andrews, “Introduction,” Classic American Autobiographies, pp. 7-18. Review Test #1 Questions Can Treat These Questions, Subjects, and Issues: Open-book questions on course texts as follows. Answers were presented in class discussion. Exercise #2.1. To what earlier American president does biographer Thayer repeatedly compare Theodore Roosevelt? Thayer would compare Theodore Roosevelt to Abraham Lincoln Exercise #2.2. After Roosevelt’s return from the West and defeat in the New York City’s mayoral race, in what activity did he primarily engage? After Roosevelt return from the West, Roosevelt spent most of his time writing. Exercise #2.3. What long cherished desire on Roosevelt’s
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UGGGGGSSSSSSSS - UGS 303 The American...

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