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meant to displace aristotelianism. The earth is itself a big magnet, not because of celestial virtue of heavens. The earth as a magnet has the same effect on other magnets. It causes needle to align with it. Thought the whole earth was made of iron. Also, throughout this was related to earth spinning on its axis. He is clearly leaning heavily toward a copernican view that the earth is spinning on its axis and moving around the sun. He would have a piece of loadstone and have it carved into a sphere. he does experiments with a small version and doing experiments on models is important b/c is coincides with actual earth. put bumps in it and used that to explain deviations as they changed going across the sea. Later on 1765, you could have your own spherical magnet. Terella. Gilbert did experiments to distinguish electrostatic phenomenon and magnetism. Gilbert saw his work as a substitution for aristotilian philosophy. He basically
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Unformatted text preview: sees himself as replacing natural philosophy and methods of reasoning. He doesn't just focus on the ordinary course of nature. If too out of the ordinary they thought you shouldn't put much weight on them. Gilbert, puts emphasis on contriving experiments to test particular phenomenon. Believed active powers in nature, almost a living thing and can contrive ways to put powers to par cuticle use through experiments. Bacon was critical of Gilbert. He thought gilbert had jumped to conclusions too quickly. Gilberts ideas became very influential for the 1st half of the 1500's. The magnetic phl was regarded as the next wave. We will find magnetism behind main phenomenon of nature. Kepler invoked magnetic forces to show movements of planets. Mny phl relied on magnetic phl. It was largely replaced by mechanical phl....
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