Oct.16 Introduction

Oct.16 Introduction - and India will suffer more from it...

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Oct.16 Mengheng Li ENGCMP 9:00AM The planet we live on- the earth- was born forty- six billion years ago. Her cerulean oceans, verdant continents, and atmosphere gave birth to all the lives. However, we human beings are destroying our only survival, and our mother land is facing numerous environmental problems including global warming. With the expansion of scope of human activities, the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, biogas and zinc-based nitrogen is increasing, and thus causing the rise of the earth’s surface temperature. Global warming can lead to plenty of disasters, such as extreme weather events, the thawing of glaciers, which can bring about the rise of sea level and water resource problems, and diminishment of agriculture outputs. In the article” China and India Will Pay” published in Newsweek on Sep.7th, 2009, Sharon Begley points out that regardless of global warming’s culprit, China
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Unformatted text preview: and India will suffer more from it than other nations. She says that because of global warming, temperature increases, and rainfall patterns will change, leading to extreme conditions such as floods and droughts, which will torture China and India more than Western Europe. Moreover, the availability of fresh water will sinisterly decrease in China and India due to the rapid shrinkage of glaciers on the Tibetan plateau and in the Himalayas. According to her opinion, since these two countries will go through more such horrible disasters than western countries, they have more need to cut emissions of carbon dioxide immediately while pursuing “economic development”. Although I concede that China and India will greatly suffer from global warming, I insist that the rest of the world will also undergo a detrimental effect of it, and thus should be responsible for it....
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Oct.16 Introduction - and India will suffer more from it...

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