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Dec.1 Essay ä¿®1

Dec.1 Essay ä¿®1 - MenghengLi...

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Mengheng Li Professor Joanne Mcgahagan ENGCMP 9:00AM 7 Dec. 2009 As human beings are facing the energy crisis and environmental problems caused by the fossil fuels, we cast our eyes on some other alternatives. In recent years, biofuels are thought to be an option that most likely takes the place of fossil fuels. In the article “My Big Biofuel Bet,” Vinod Khosla reveals his optimistic view on the use of biofuels (21-25). He thinks that ethanol is cleaner, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. However, I cannot agree with him because biofuels not only have little efficiency of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but also lead to other catastrophes like a food crisis and destruction of ecological environment. Disappointingly, the total efficiency of reducing carbon dioxide emissions is not as desirable as it supposed to be. As an article on Science , the total emissions of carbon dioxide during the process from corn to ethanol and from ethanol to the use of it are just slightly less, sometimes even more than the use of fossil fuel (Searchinger et al. 527). This is because that refining and transporting biofuel are
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energy-consuming. Also, planting corn needs a large amount of fertilizer, which is a
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Dec.1 Essay ä¿®1 - MenghengLi...

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