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Nov.9 Essay ä¿®1 - MenghengLi...

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Mengheng Li Professor Joanne Mcgahagan ENGCMP 9:00AM 11 Nov. 2009 The world has never been in peace for a while since human beings appeared on the earth. Even though we claim to be in a civilized society, wars and conflicts still exist in some parts of the world. Afghan, as one example, has deeply suffered from conflicts with Taliban since 1994. So far, the American government has not found a breakthrough to help end the war and develop the country. Fareed Zakaria, in his article “The Way out of Afghanistan” published in Newsweek on Sep. 21, 2009, points out that the U.S. should help change the corrupt and dysfunctional situations in Afghanistan by paying more attention to dealmaking instead of national building rather than sending more troops, and the efforts should be made to elect a Pashtun leader and “build a national-unity government.” I agree with Zakaria’s opinion because the US government cannot afford the endless and noneffective security investments anymore, and the Afghanistan government is the
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Nov.9 Essay ä¿®1 - MenghengLi...

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