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Assignment 4 - Mengheng Li Assignment#4 Jeff Schurman CAE...

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Mengheng Li Assignment #4 Jeff Schurman, CAE In 2010, Giorgio Fidenato, an agronomist, declared war with the Italian government and environment groups by planting two fields of genetically modified corn. The corn seeds he used were known as MON810, which could produce a chemical that kills the larvae of the corn borer. However, the modified seeds MON810 are not so acceptable to the farmers who believe that it could harm local crops, because the farmers in Italy rely greatly on specialized organic and heritage crops. And they worry that the genetically modified plants will contaminate and replace the traditional corps. Therefore the controversy was provoked around whether the farmers could plant the genetically modified corns. According to Trevino and Nelson’s theories of Consequentialism and Utilitarian, the action of planting genetically engineered food was for the good of farmers. Genetically modified crops are created to avoid the plant diseases and insect pests, and thus make them easier to grow. In
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