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Unformatted text preview: Mengheng Li Assignment #6 Jeff Schurman, CAE Japan’s auto industry – the second largest supplier of cars in the world – has become idle after the earthquake and tsunami. And the auto industry disruptions are about to get worse. The troubles in the auto sector have had enormous consequences for both auto companies and workers. The auto companies in the US, Europe and Asia have already experienced the drop-off due to the shipping problem of the parts and supplies and numerous workers are told to stay at home. In order to overcome the auto crisis, I would recommend the auto companies and the auto workers to cooperate. First of all, neither the companies nor the auto workers have the advantages over the other. The two parties would take more risks if they just refuse to cooperate. For the companies, letting their workers home is only an expedient strategy. However, the most important thing they should do is to find the alternative suppliers to revive productions and let the workers back to...
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