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15 - file Edit View Do<un1gnl Continents Fumts Took...

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Unformatted text preview: file Edit View Do<un1gnl Continents Fumts Took AdvarKed mm Help a Seen-e v I Sign v Folnts . i} Multimedia v C9 Comment v ' g Create . g Combine v a Collaborate v 5F E-fi_ ‘ 2/2 15V ‘Ihble 2.8 contains dam fur the installation ufnzw equip. mmt in a manufitcturing pmcens at your custumer‘s plant. Your company is responsible for the project. Indirect costs are $10,000 per week and n 1131131le cost of 510.000 per weekwill be incurred for every wank um proj- ect is delayed beyondweak a. n. “Hint is the shortest lime din-anon for U113 project regardless ofoost’.‘ PROJECT MANAGEM ENT and name up wllh two possibilities. Onowas t1) employ ‘ Aml'JC; Inc, a local Implayina‘nt agency, to locatz sum: ‘ good prospects fur Lbs managers lab. This flppruach 1 would save three weeks Ln activity A and cast Gumfufl 1 Foods $2.500. The cumin-was tn add a few wotflnut's to j shorten the firne for BflMtyE by Mama at an addi- ; lit-Dal cast of$2.'m0, Halp Insun Ritz by answering the following questions: CHAPTEil z 83 I]. What Is the minimum Intel cost associated with Cami a. How long Is the project expected to talks? Flam: me ije" i“ 12 was“? I]. Suppose that Ritz has a palsnnal goal of completing 1:. What Is the‘LowJ time of the Iniuimum-cnsl suhcdule't‘ the project in 14 1.132th is the pmbubillty that it will happen this quickly: TABLE an i DATA FOR THE EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION PROJECT _ mitt Inst-solar: Fmdétaso-(u) Manual Tina (Hash) tit-ssh 11;. Mash) normal [inst m 7 outcast-m f A H —- # ____ —" 7 3 0 _ 2 # 770210 _ 10.0013» 1' i . a — 1 1 31000 3,000 c A 4 2 12000 40,000 ‘ D B 2 1 12,000 23,00U E 0 1 1 5.000 5,000 F D. E -l 2 5,000 15,000 a E 2 1 9.000 13.000 ls. lfiflun Rios, dlstrlct manager for Gun-mm Foods. Inc., ism c. What addilinnsl expenditurex should be made to No.4 05....” Edit me... Doc-am“! Comments Furl-‘5 Toots “loomed mm Hetp 55 35mm- Isnw El Forms v Create v 5;) Combine - a “mom.“ v 212 Thhle 2.3 Cunlajns data on rrie minim-an mi nfnew equtp- merit in a manufinmlring Informs at yr“) .— ons. nm on; plant. Yam company is rmrunnsiI-IIP frn— the project. Wet eggs; are 1;] 0.0011 pm we . and a penalty Dost uf $10,000 per vueelivvill hs- innmre. for Every weakum proj— eat is dangled beyond we 1: o, “1112‘; is me shortest time duration m1- nus prujecr regardless or cost? We ls use minimum tutu) cost associated with com, plating coo project in 12 weeks? what Iu me Total time. of she ruinimum—CGEL schzdme? 15. TABLE 2.: i nAfi'A Fol! YHE EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION PROJECT 100% DRDJECT MANAGEMENT (:I-InPTER z and name up with lwu puhaibililjeh. clue 'vtraz co employ Anzac, Inc, a local Lampluy‘uulll agertcy. no locatz some good prospects rur Du: “wagers job. 'I‘J1ls amt-adj wuula save times was)“: 14; BCElViIZY A and cast Gummll Foods $2.500. 11km Othtn' was In and i. Dew wul karts to shorten the urne nor Elcllvlly B by lwu Mt: at m) addi— tional cast or $2.700, Help rasun mm by answering Lttg ruuuwiug uuusljorts.‘ a. How long is the 1;.ij ear—penned to (Elke? to. suppose that iljtz has a pnnsnnzt grual nf rmnpleung she pro-jam in 14 molest What is: (he pmhflhiljty that i: will happen flajs qlficldy! Austin-fly Inn—anal: Fmgsc-i-l Num-Ij’hfin (Eons) DI‘I'IEI 11;» mica} A ‘ i _ a _ 2 7 Et —— 1 1 3.004: s: a. 4 2 40,000 u E 2 1 23,000 E c: 1 1 3,000 F D E 4 2 15,uuu a E 2 1 9.1300 13.900 is. Isaun muz. dlerlcl. mamas for GIunful—l Foods. Inc, Ls in c. What afldiiianal expenditures should be made to 33 ...
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