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IS Use Assessment-Final draft - Information Systems Use...

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Information Systems Use Assessment 09/21/2011 Group 7: Steven Beatty, Mary Leggett, Ludan Liu, Xuze Liu, Li Mengheng, Jiaqian Song 1. Briefly describe the specific organization that performs the activity: a. Shop ‘n Save is a locally owned and operated neighborhood grocery store that has been serving discounts to their customers in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia since 1968. With over 70 supermarkets, Shop ‘n Save offers everyday low prices on groceries and discounts on gas, as well as other perks, such as e-coupons, with their “Shop ‘n Save Perks” card. 2. Describe the business activity: a . The business activity is the purchasing and control of inventory within the Shop ‘n Save grocery stores. b . The first thing Shop ‘n Save does is observes whether or not they have the inventory on hand. This task is performed by an employee counting the inventory. Assuming there is a deficit in inventory, the second thing involved with this business activity is the purchasing of inventory. This step can be done in many different ways. Firstly, the department managers can purchase using pre-book items, DSD (direct store delivery) books, or pre-booking sheets faxed to them by the supplier. Another way to purchase products is using a Telxon machine. This machine allows the inventory associate to scan the barcodes of items Shop ‘n Save needs to purchase. After the employee has scanned a bar code, they are able to input how much inventory needs to be ordered. The inventory control process happens before and during each of these processes. When pre-booking items, Shop ‘n Save is able to use the information system to look at past purchases. For example, in August, the retailers have to put in a pre-booking for their Halloween candy.
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IS Use Assessment-Final draft - Information Systems Use...

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