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BUSMIS 1060 – Introduction to Information Systems Final Project Report For this deliverable, your team will provide: Very brief summary of the project focus (organization, business process/activity, and IS opportunity you have selected to analyze. Copy and paste from your earlier project writeup if you can). Components of the IS (You can use the graph from your earlier writeup with any changes made to it based on feedback or new ideas you might have had since). Performance Evaluation of the IS-enabled Business Acivity : In the “Opportunity Identification” writeup you discussed the benefits and risks associated with using an IS to support the business process. List those benefits and risks (copy and paste, including any changes you’d like to make since your last writeup). Based on the benefits and risks, and other information about competitors, customers and/or suppliers that the organization can gather, propose a few performance measures that managers and business analysts could use to tell whether the organization is gaining vs. losing value
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