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Jared Dorfman MIS Database Project Monday Wednesday 5pm 1. Printed 2. Printed 3. a. Nine different vendors b. Sixteen unique items ordered c. The most items purchased were the Airtime Fasteners and O-Ring at 24 each, the least were the three wheels at 1 each d. 177 total items ordered 4. Total sales was $5,822,517 5. View attached Vendor List report 6. The vendor with the best A/P terms is Optimus Technologies at 55 days.
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Unformatted text preview: The vendor with the worse is Next Manufacturing at 18 days. 7. View attached Avg Days Late report 8. View attached Lowest Price report 9. My first recommendation would be to order all of the Airtime Fasteners from Deepened Inventions. They are .65 cents cheaper from the second cheapest vender and could help reduce costs leading to increased profits. My second recommendation would be...
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