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Mengheng Li Database Assignment Mon, Wed 5PM 1. Printed 2. Print-out “Relationships” 3. A. 9 different vendors B. 16 unique items ordered C. The number of each item purchased is shown in the print-out “3-B-1, 3-C-answer”. As it shows, the most items purchased were the Airtime Fasteners and O-Ring at 24 each, and the least were the three kinds of wheels at 1 each D. 177 items ordered in total 4. Total sales was $5,822,517 5. Print-out “Report - 5” 6. As showed in print-out “6-answer” and “Report - 6”, the Next Manufacturing gives the worst A/P term, while the Optimus Technologies gives the best. 7. The average number of days late for each vendor is shown in print-out “7-answer”, and Ben Franklin Inc. has the highest average days late for deliveries. 8. Print-out “Report - 8” 9. First, I would recommend that the company should try not to depend too much on a few vendors. According to the “Report – 8”, nearly 80% of the company’s sales depend on four
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Unformatted text preview: vendors. The decision is a little risky because if one of the four vendors fails to deliver the goods due to any reason, the company would suffer a lot from it. Therefore, the company would better either purchase more from the other six vendors or search for more alternatives. Second, I also think considering that Fantastic Fasteners’ and Ben Franklin Inc.’s days late are positive, which means that they are likely make the company risk suffering from inventory shortage, the company should negotiate with them to either increase the delivery speed or increase the A/P terms as compensation. When negotiating, the company can focus more on Fantastic Fasteners because 19.74% of the company’s sales depend on Fantastic Fasteners, so the risk of losing customers and market share and harming the band loyalty and long-term relationship with customers is huge....
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