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Chapter 5 Consciousness - Expanding the Boundaries of Psychological Inquiry Consciousness: our subjective experience of the world, our bodies, and our mental perspectives (意意: 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意) The biology of Sleep 1. The Circadian Rhythm (意意意意): The Cycle of Everyday Life 1.1) Circadian Rhythm : cyclical changes that occur on a roughly 24-hour basis in many biological processes (意意意意 24 意意意意) 1.2) Biological Clock : term for the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the hypothalamus
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Unformatted text preview: that’s responsible for controlling our levels of alertness (意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意) 1.3) Sleep Deprivation (意意意意): 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 hallucination(意意)意意 意意意意意意意意意意意 1.4) Jet Lag (意意意): the result of a disruption of circadian rhythms 2. Stages of Sleep and Dreaming 2.1)...
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