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I’m really interested in painting now, even though the process that I fell in love with it is somewhat intricate. The first time I learnt to paint was in 1993, when I was only three years old. It was my mother who forced me to learn it but not myself. According to her explanation, I was so naughty that even five-minute sit would make me antsy, and as a result, she sent me to paint with a wish that I could sit through a whole class. But at first, I had no good impression on painting at all and consider it as a total torture. I felt my mother was pushing me to do this but I could not understand the profit. And I can still find my tear stains on my first opus. Four years passed and I entered in elementary school. Although I still could not help hating painting, I had no choice but to continue to paint. However, my attitude started
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Unformatted text preview: to change after the first art class. I was the only one who can draw a beautiful picture without any help in my class. My heart was full of confidence, pride and satisfactory, and I just wanted to show my paint to the whole class and enjoy the envious glances cast at me. It was the first time that I found painting interesting and worth learning. And I thought maybe learning to paint is not that much awful. In order to get more applause, I had to practice several times a week. Gradually, I developed a habit of painting and finally I found that whenever I felt cheerful, frustrated or sorrowful, I had a strong will to paint. It now seems that painting is much more than a habit to me. It is like a silent but a lifelong friend which shares all kinds of feelings with me, witnessing my process of physical growth and mental maturation....
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