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Sep.7 Paragraph

Sep.7 Paragraph - can build up our confidence to face and...

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To combat anxiety, we should have both physical and mental preparation. The more important  preparation, that is the physical one, should be started at the beginning of a semester. We should  attend every class with our ears, eyes, hands, mouths and minds to listen to the professor carefully,  take notes, ask questions, and think about the structure of this class. To make things more clear, we  should also review the notes right away after class. In addition, we need to revise what we have  learned at least once before the test. The steps above are the most crucial preparation because they 
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Unformatted text preview: can build up our confidence to face and triumph the coming examination. Besides, a good sleep before the text also matters, for it gives us energy to take the text. As tor mental preparation, we can use self suggestion and imagination. We should tell ourselves that “I am well prepared”, “I can make it”, and “Tension is a coward act”. And recollecting the scene when we achieved the victories and the proud sense of accomplishment also helps....
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