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Sep.29 Li, Mengheng ENGCMP 9:00AM Collection and Memory People more or less like collecting some stuff because of a weird reason. Some prefer to gather used stamps to collect postmarks. Some are fond of saving clothes, which they even do not want to wear them. And some collect coins simply to help themselves to memorize something. Sometimes they save coins of other countries to remind themselves where they have been, and sometimes to help distinguish and remember different culture and history of different countries. As one of the odd collection group, I now collect American coins to remember all fifty states. Many people have habits to save some coins when they are abroad, so they can easily be reminded which countries they have been because coins around the world fascinatingly vary. For instance, the shape of twenty-pence coin of the U.K. is unique. Rather than a circle, it is a heptagon. That make it possible for a person to say” I have been to the U.K.” at the first glance at the coin.
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Sep.27 Essay ä¿®1 - Sep.29 Li...

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