Sep.27 Essay ä¿®2

Sep.27 Essay ä¿®2 - Oct.7 Li,...

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Oct.7 Li, Mengheng ENGCMP 9:00AM People have numerous different hobbies, such as dancing, playing football, surfing… and one of the most appealing pastimes is collecting things. The collections can vary from stamps, paintings or books to brand bags, antiques or weckers. For the coin collectors, the significance of gathering coins may be just collecting money at first; but eventually, most of them admit that it is much more like collecting experience, cultures and history. Collecting coins is a process of collecting the experience of others or oneself. Every coin has a story behind it. It may have been passed by countless people’s hands, and witnessed their happiness, sadness, tears and laughter. So collecting these scuffed-by-hand coins is like accumulating a book of life. When the story of oneself is in the coins, he or she may save coins of other countries to remind themselves where they have been, or collect lucky coins to remind themselves of big events occurred in their lives, such as the birthday of one’s first child, or the first coin
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Sep.27 Essay ä¿®2 - Oct.7 Li,...

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