14 Dec. Essay ä¿®1

14 Dec. Essay ä¿®1 - Mengheng...

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Unformatted text preview: Mengheng Li Professor Joanne Mcgahagan ENGCMP 9:00AM 14 Dec. 2009 The earth should have been beautiful with her cerulean oceans, verdant continents, and fresh air. But since human beings appeared, the earth, our currently only survival, has been destroyed. And climate has changes severely in the aftermath of global warming, one of commonly thought as the most serious factors that devastate the earth, and thus leading to many discussions about how to deal with climate changes and impacts. In the article Winning and Losing the Global Warming Debate, Pielke and Sarewitz point out that regardless of proponents or opponents, we are all losers on the Global Warming: Yes or No? debate, because we neglect the significance of our adaption to the impacts of climate and simply focus on greenhouse-gas emissions. Consequently, they recommend us to skip the debate and only work together on accommodating to climate impacts. Although I agree that we human beings should regard adaptation to climate changes and impacts as a gigantic scientific project, I still persist that reducing greenhouse-gas emissions is also impending. From the standpoint of a sequel, we should try our best to accommodate to climate impacts and minimize the negative influences. Just as the authors opinion, since we already confront climate change, we should learn to live with it. And according to Darwinism, we live in a world that only the fittest can survive. So we have to become more adaptable to climate impacts in order to outlive...
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14 Dec. Essay ä¿®1 - Mengheng...

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