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14 Dec. Summary - who regard themselves as dissenters deem...

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Dec. 14  Mengheng Li   ENGCMP 9:00AM In the article “Winning and Losing the Global Warming Debate” published on the Earth Affairs in 2000, Pielke and Sarewitz point out that we are all losers on the Global Warming: Yes or No? debate, because we neglect the significance of our adaption to the impacts of climate. According to their explanation, the winner of debate depends on how to judge victory. They say that the advocators – the “Yes” group – who acknowledge that human activities cause environmental doom can be winner if we just consider emissions policies. While the debate can also be a tie if we view the whole thing “from the standpoint of science”, because the “No” group
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Unformatted text preview: who regard themselves as dissenters deem that humans cannot foresee and control the future climate. However, in authors’ mind, we are all losers because we ignore the climate impacts on humans and environment, and simply focus on greenhouse-gas emissions. They also note that both society and environment are sensitive to climate impacts, and emissions reductions seem unrealistic, given the economic status quo. Consequently, they recommend us to skip the debate and only work together on accommodating to climate impacts by realizing the uselessness of the debate and turning concentration to adaption to climate rather than engagement in the debate....
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