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Li Mengheng Li Mr. Handley Writing #1 June 27, 2011 A Person’s Faith, the Life’s Soul In novel Maus and A Mercy , Artie Speigelman and Toni Morrison have shown two totally different aspects of human nature when people are in situations beyond their controls. In A Mercy , Morrison digs at the scabs of the nation’s bloody past of hard-won, costly triumphs and bitter memories of American history; while the story of Maus talks about the painful life of Jews during and after World War II. The back ground of both stories is full of sorrow, but in A Mercy , there is beauty and wonder in this landscape. In the almost same situations, someone could live happily, but others are swamped. When people lose their estate, property or even freedom, they can still be alive and may live well, but when they lose their faith and soul, they will become the walking dead. Maus attracted me the first time when I saw the book’s cover. Then I realized that “Maus” is a variant of “Mouse”. Indeed, this is a good book which reveals a serious theme in the form of cartoon. Although the story about the miserable life of Jews in the World War II is not new at all, the book has two special points. One is that even though the painful wound is not on the author, his parents and the whole family went through the hard time. So Spiegelman is able to recount the
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Writing #1 - Li Mengheng Li Mr Handley Writing#1 A Persons...

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