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After reading “Civilize Them with A Stick”, it is still hard for me to imagine that there was such an inhumane total institution for children – typical Indian boarding school. According to Crow Dog and Erdoe’s narration, the typical Indian boarding school was a cruel total institution, in which the Indian children were cut off from their families (the rest of the society) and were harshly treated, mortified and totally controlled by the nuns (the officials who ran the school). The typical Indian boarding schools were total institutions because they cut off children from outside world. These Indian children were coerced into entering Indian boarding schools. Once the Indian children were in the school, they were only allowed to go home for one week annually, which is obviously cruel for a person, not mention an innocent child. These children, undoubtedly, wanted to go home. So they tried to escape even though they were threatened not to do so. Every time they were brought back, the nuns would punish them severely – tough
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