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Exam 3 Essay

Exam 3 Essay - College is a place where we gather...

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College is a place where we gather experience. On many campuses, fraternities are part of college life, and are the places where men establish their brotherhood. However, the fraternities also dominate campus social life. It limits the opportunities for couples to meaningfully interact. In addition, because of the strong brotherhood, there come norms and values that hooking up with girls is right, hanging out with girlfriends is somewhat shamed, and even it is normal for them to disrespect to girls. Therefore, these men create peer pressure on those who intend to show respect to women, and so comes the situational norms. All the factors above lead to rape culture, which is portrayed as the degradation of women. Although there are some fraternities that have high incidence of rape, there are still some other fraternities considered to be safe house. According to Boswell and Spade, the two kinds of fraternity parties vary considerably. In a low-risk house, the number of women is almost equal to that of men, while at a high-risk one, the
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