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Visual Outline for Unit 3 Paper : Use the diagram below to guide your plans for your Unit 3 Paper Issues to Consider Introduction : Begin with a clear description of the controversy (i.e. what’s at stake) and the specific question that you are responding to (i.e. something causal, evaluative, etc.). : Sequence your supporting points in a logical manner, building toward your most persuasive point. Make sure that your evidence is appropriate, thorough, and credible. Response to a Counter-Argument : As you anticipate a counter-argument that someone might propose to your arguments, consider your own
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Unformatted text preview: assumptions and biases. What do you believe about this issue that led you to come to develop the main argument that you did? Conclusion : Following your thesis, claims, evidence, & response to a counter-argument, you should conclude your paper with a clear conclusion. Focused Topic : _________________ Focused Research Question : ______ Intended Audience : _____________ Thesis : ________________________ Supporting Claim Supporting Claim Supporting Claim Evidence Evidence Evidence Response to a Potential Counter-Argument...
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