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BIO1130 October 7, 2011 - atmosphere Bacteria cause the...

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BIO1130 October 7, 2011 - Archae is the 2 nd group of Prokaryotes - Tuberculosis are resistant to drugs and they don’t become effective - Fertilizers have become a large ecological impact on the planet (Nitrogen Cycle) - Bacterial importance  Disease  Nitrogen Fixation  Decomposition  Unique biochemical pathways  Extremophiles (Archea) - Bacteria that can live in high temperatures - Heat causes enzymes to be denatured - At (0C), the Ice crystals puncture the cell membrane and cell wall, killing the cell - Cyanobacteria (Fossil Bacteria) were formed biofilms, and stick to layers and build bilayers. - Stromalites figure out how to capture light and build CH2O, build high energy compound to build glucose molecule. - As concentration increases, the oxygen stops interacting with the minerals Saturation point were water can’t hold oxygen so it gets released to the
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Unformatted text preview: atmosphere. - Bacteria cause the atmospheric oxidation, (Oxygen in atmosphere 20% Oxygen). These oxygen molecules create an Ozone layer, which blocks UV Rays from the sun. - The Ultraviolet light mutates DNA. (Dimmers)- Cyanobacteria is globally distributed and lives in any environment Proterozoic (check Evolutionary Diagram, Figure 21.15 in book)- Eukaryotes and Bacteria arose and the same rate- Eubacteria has Peptidoglycan Cell wall- Archaea doesn’t have peptidoglycan cell wall- Eukarya has cell wall made of Cellulose, Chitin (See Table 21.1 for comparison)- In bacteria it folds on its self to stabilize DNA- Eukaryotes and Eubacteria use proteins to package and stabilize DNA (Slide 5, Origin of the nuclear envelope)- The invagination surrounds the nucleus- Secondary Endosymbiosis of Eukaryote Cells.- Plastids have Chlorophyll A /& B...
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BIO1130 October 7, 2011 - atmosphere Bacteria cause the...

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