Eukaryotic Cell Test - organelles? a. nucleus b. lysosome...

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Eukaryotic Cell Test 1. Organelles other than the nucleus that contain DNA include a. mitochondria b. chloroplasts c. mitochondria and chloroplasts only d. ribosomes e. ribosomes, mitochondria, and chloroplasts 2. The eukaryotic chromosome is composed of ____. a. DNA and protein b. DNA only c. RNA and protein d. DNA and carbohydrate e. RNA only 3. The ____ is not a part of the endomembrane system. a. lysosome b. Golgi complex c. nuclear envelope d. endoplasmic reticulum e. nucleolus 4. By definition, the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell type is in the presence/absence of the a. DNA. b. chromosomes. c. plasma membrane. d. nucleus. 5. Large numbers of ribosomes are present in cells that specialize in producing which of the following molecules? a. lipids b. proteins
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c. steroids d. glucose e. starches 6. Chloroplasts share many similarities with which one of the following
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Unformatted text preview: organelles? a. nucleus b. lysosome c. mitochondria d. Golgi complex e. rough endoplasmic reticulum 7. Chromatin consists of ____. a. proteins only in the nucleus b. DNA and associated proteins c. DNA and RNA d. only DNA e. RNA only 8. Which of the following relationships between cell structures and their respective functions is correct? a. chloroplasts: chief sites of cellular respiration b. cell wall: support, protection c. lysosomes: formation of ATP d. chromosomes: cytoskeleton of the nucleus e. ribosomes: secretion 9. The process by which mitochondria and chloroplasts probably evolved is called a. exocytosis. b. exosymbiosis. c. endocytosis. d. endosymbiosis. 10. The ____ regulates the movement of molecules in and out of the cell. a. plasma membrane b. ribosomes c. nucleus d. cytoplasm e. DNA...
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Eukaryotic Cell Test - organelles? a. nucleus b. lysosome...

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