Mendelian genetics - Mendelian genetics Introduction While...

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Mendelian genetics Introduction While biology has very few laws and mostly theories to explain the living world one of the exceptions are Mendel’s laws and how the describe the basic genetics of inheritance. The popular belief at the time was that traits in offspring were a mix of those found in the two parents a process called blending and these traits were carried in the blood from one generation to the next. There was one problem with this hypothesis on heritability. Sooner or later every organism should appear to be the same – which clearly didn’t happen. Mendel used seven discrete characters in peas and found the explanation to why this didn’t happen. His first law, the law of segregation demonstrated that different alleles for a trait don’t mix and blend and that they are passed from generation to generation as discrete traits that appeared in the next generation in predictable ratios. The second law of independent assortment showed that different traits also sorted independently. It’s one of the unexplained mysteries of Mendel’s work that each the seven traits he used are found on only one of the seven chromosomes. Who was Mendel and how did he do his experiments Gregor Mendel studied science and math at the University of Vienna but failed his examinations for being a teacher and returned to the monastery where he began to study the heritability of various traits in plants. Mendel knew from previous investigators that when peas were cross pollinated the offspring, that grew from the seeds, often showed
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Mendelian genetics - Mendelian genetics Introduction While...

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