Jesus & Mohammed - Jesus & Mohammed 1 Jesus & Mohammed...

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1 Christopher Laurent HUM/130 March 18, 2011 Phillip L. Engelman
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2 Jesus and Muhammad are the forerunners of two of the most popular religions today. I will admit I know quite a bit about Jesus’ life and ministry but Muhammad’s is all new to me. I am a bit surprised at what I have learned about his life and ministry and in my opinion it explains a lot of the actions of the Muslims today. Jesus was born a humble man and lived a relatively short peaceful life that was centered on helping others. Muhammad lived a long and not so peaceful life that was centered on self-preservation. Knowing how these men lived, what they preached and how their deaths impacted the people that they ministered to says a lot about how their respective religions work today. The following is a brief description of both of their lives and the impact they have had on their respective people. Although it has never been officially proven it is popularly believed that Jesus was virgin born. His Mother was Mary and she was engaged to Joseph. They did not know each other intimately prior to Jesus’ birth and it is believed that she was a virgin. Little is known of his childhood but it is believed that he was raised like every other Jewish child during the time and followed the Torah and the oral law. The only information about his childhood that is ever mentioned is he made the regular trips to the temple in Jerusalem. His early years are not that different from anyone else during the time except that there is no indication that he ever sinned or took a wife and had kids. As he grew up he got a reputation as being a religious teacher. By the age of thirty he was about ready to start his public ministry. Before he could begin his ministry he visited John the Baptist and was baptized where a
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Jesus & Mohammed - Jesus & Mohammed 1 Jesus & Mohammed...

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