midtem - Black code post civil war laws specifically...

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Black code : post civil war laws specifically written to govern the behavior of African Americans, modeled on the slave’s codes before the civil war. 10 percent plan : plan issued by Lincoln in 1863 that offered amnesty to any southerner who proclaimed loyalty to the union and support of the emancipation of slaves, once 10 percent of a state’s voters in the election of 1860 signed the oath, it could create a new state government and reenter the union. Wade-Davis : bill that would have allowed a southern stat back into the union only after 50 percent of the population had taken to the loyalty oath. Civil right act 1866 : bill that granted all citizens mandatory rights, regardless of racial considerations designed to counter act the south new black codes. 13 th amendment : abolished slavery from the united state forever. 14 th amendment : amendment to the us constitution passed in 1868 that extended the guaranties of the constitution and bill of rights to all persons born in the USA, including African American and former slaves; it promised that all citizens would receive the “due process of law” before having any of their constitutional rights preached. 15 th amendment : amendment that extended voting rights to all male citizens regardless of race, color, or previous condition servitude. Tenure of office act : in 1867 congress passed the tenure which require the president to obtain the concept of the senate before removing certain government officials from office. Share cropping : system in which a family farmed a plot of land owned by someone else and shared the crop yield with the owner. Compromise of 1877
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midtem - Black code post civil war laws specifically...

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