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Watergate was the name of the biggest political scandal in United States history. It included various illegal activities in which various officers and employees of the Nixon reelection committees and various White House aides of President. Watergate is by far one of the worst presidential scandals in the history of the United States. In the story of Watergate, five burglars were found breaking into democratic offices at the Watergate complex in Washington DC . Watergate was uncovered, it revealed that the president was a liar and a cheat. The president lied to the country, lied about his involvement, concealed self incriminating evidence, abused his power, and planed to have the CIA stop the FBI investigations. During the times of the unraveling of Watergate.The lying and cover-ups did not end there, it went on ,and as the scandal kept unraveling, President Nixon and White House, and creep officials were deliberately misleading the public about the significance of the Watergate affair . President Nixon accepted the resignation of Haldeman and announced the dismissal of John Dean. Furthermore, U.S. However, Elliot Richardson decided to put Harvard Law School professor Archibald Cox in charge of conducting a full-scale investigation of the Watergate
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