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Name: Sarah Bekhit The great depression that began in 1 in the united state of America proved to be a test of everything America stood for. Obviously, many things contributed to the fall of the economy, and many things transpired to make the depression last as long as it did, but the lack of trust by the American people in established banks and other monetary institutions was the major catalyst. This lack of trust is what Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed in his fireside chat as president. When Franklin Roosevelt took his oath of office, America had already been four years into depression. Roosevelt had a big task before him, the task of restoring American trust in established banks and other institutions as well as restoring trust in the government. This fear caused thousands of people to go to the bank and try to withdraw their money. The problem was, banks didn’t have enough liquid cash on hand to fulfill these withdrawal requests. So instead of giving the people their money they had to tell them that they didn’t have any money. This obviously
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