MCQ 1 - 1- Michael grants , applies for attendants joban...

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1- Michael grants , applies for attendant’s joban ordinary power of attorney to Nathalie to handle a list of financial transaction Michael’s behalf. This power will terminate. a. Michael’s death or incapacity 2- Eli, an agent for first Credit Corporation (fc), enters into an unauthorized contract with great expectation, inc. (GE) purportedly on FC’s behalf. This contract will be enforceable if it is ratified by a. FC 3- Clive is purchasing agent for Double D ranch with authority to buy cattle at a certain auction. After the cattle are bought, the agency relationship terminates. a. Automatically 4- Frieda hires Gerry, real estate broker, to act as her agent to sell her house. The house burns down before being sold. The agency agreement is likely a. Terminated by operation of law 5- Security armored car corporation employs Theo as an agent. Without security’s knowledge but otherwise acting within the scope of employment, Theo commits a crime. The state can successfully prosecute a. Theo only 6- Cody belive that delta corporation has intentionally discriminated against him on the basis of gender cody files a suit against delta under title VII. To establish a prima facie case of employment discrimination, cody must show among other things that a. Cody is a member of a protected class 7- Cora, a female and dom, a male are employees of equipment leasing corporation. Cora regularly emails sexually explicit images to dom via equipment leasing’s computer
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MCQ 1 - 1- Michael grants , applies for attendants joban...

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