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Ap Psychology Psychology - the scientific study of behavior and mental processes Behavior - an observable action Monism - seeing mind and body as different aspects of the same thing Dualism - seeing mind and body as two different things that interact Eclectic - use of techniques and ideas from a variety of approaches Empiricism - the view that knowledge should be acquired through observation and often an experiment Science - way of getting knowledge about the world based on observation Theory - a collection of interrelated ideas and facts put forward to describe, explain, and predict behavior and mental processes scientific method - in psychology, the techniques used to discover knowledge about human behavior and mental processes hypothesis - a tentative statement or idea expressing a causal relationship between two events or variables that is to be evaluated in a research study
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Unformatted text preview: experiment - a procedure in which a researcher systematically manipulates and observes elements of a situation in order to test a hypothesis and make a cause-and-effect statement independent variable - the variable in a controlled experiment that the experimenter directly and purposefully manipulates to see how the other variables under study will be affected dependent variable - the variable in a controlled experiment that is expected to change due to the manipulation of the independent variable experimental group - in an experiment, the group of participants to whom a treatment is given control group - subjects and not exposed to a changing variable in an experiment variable - a condition or characteristic of a situation or a person that is subject to change (it varies) within or across situations or individuals...
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