CE review - Ecological succession: Transition in the...

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Ecological succession : Transition in the species composition of a community following a disturbance. The disturbed area may be colonized by a variety of species, which are gradually replaced by other species, which are in turn replaced by still other species. Primary succession : A type of ecological succession that occurs in an area where there were originally no organisms present and where soil has not yet formed Secondary succession : A type of succession that occurs where an existing community has been cleared by some disturbance that leaves the soil or substrate intact Early arrivals may facilitate the appearance of the later species by making the environment more favorable. Alternatively, the early species may inhibit establishment of the later species, so that successful colonization by later species occurs in spite of the activities of the early species. Early species may be completely independent of the later species, which tolerate conditions created early in succession but are neither helped nor hindered by early
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CE review - Ecological succession: Transition in the...

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