psychology quiz - inferential statistics procedures used to...

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Ap psychology vocab 3 descriptive statistics - general set of procedures used to summarize, condense, and describe sets of data frequency distribution - a chart or array of scores, usually arranged from highest to lowest, showing the number of instances for each score frequency polygon - graph of a frequency distribution that shows the number of instances of obtained scores, usually with the data points connect by straight lines measure of central tendency- a descriptive statistic that tells which result or score best represents an entire set of scores mean - the arithmetic average of a set of scores median - the measure of central tendency that is the data point with 50% of the scores above it and 50% below it mode - the most frequently occurring score in a set of data range - the spread between the highest and the lowest scores in a distribution correlation coefficient - a number that expresses the degree and direction of the relationship between 2 variables, ranging from -1 to +1
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Unformatted text preview: inferential statistics - procedures used to draw conclusions about larger populations from small samples of data normal distribution - approximate distribution of scores expected when a sample is taken from a large population, drawn as a frequency polygon that often takes the form of a bell-shaped curve, called the normal curve standard deviation - a descriptive statistic that measures the variability of data from the mean of the sample variability - the extent to which scores differ from one another structuralism - school of psychological thought that considered the structure and elements of conscious experience to be the proper subject matter of psychology introspection- a person's description and analysis of what he or she is thinking and feeling or what he or she has just thought about functionalism - school of psychological thought that was concerned with how and why the conscious mind works...
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psychology quiz - inferential statistics procedures used to...

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