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Unformatted text preview: Statistics 10/Fall 11 What you need to review for midterm one Concepts you need to know for the midterm Plots and when to use each depending on the type of the variable Histogram Boxplot/side by side Barchart Stem and leaf plot Segmented bar chart Contingency table with interpretation of row and column percentages Ogive/concept of cumulative percent, given X find cum% and vice versa Scatterplots Measures of center Mean median mode Percentages and cumulative percents Measure of spread IQR Variance and standard deviation Normal distribution Calculation of z to find percentile Given percentile find X Normal quantile plots and how they look for normal and non ­normal data When to use normal distribution and when not to Correlation Linear correlation and calculation of it Interpretation of correlation Nonlinear relationships Linear regression Slope and intercept/calculation and interpretation Least square regression line Residuals Regression assumptions (linearity, equality of variance, independence) and how you can check them Plots of residuals and standardized residuals vs. the predictor and what it shows Mean, variance, and standard deviation of residuals Outliers, leverages, and influential points Formulas you need to know Mean, variance, standard deviation, correlation, slope, intercept, least square regression line, residual, variance of residuals, standard deviation of residuals. ...
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