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Department of Statistics LAB EXAM I STATS 10 Time: 60 Minutes Oct 18, 2011 Name: __________________________ Student ID: __________________________ TA : ____________________________ Section: __________________________ · You may not speak to anyone during the exam other than your instructor or a proctor. · Short answers are best. · Budget your time wisely · Open the Fathom Software, then go to to and download the data and word files of Lab Exam I. The sample document data named Grades_Calc2.ftm (or attached file) · The data file has six variables; these variables were recorded for a group of students taking Calculus 2: A. Semester B. Sex C. Exam1 D. Exam2 E. Exam3 F. Course_grade 1) The number of males in this study is ________________ and the percentage of females in this study is __________________. Among the students taking Calcu- lus 2 in Semester 2001-1, the percentage of females is __________________. (3 pts.) 2) Provide a graphical display to illustrate the relationship between the variables Sex
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Unformatted text preview: and Semester in this sample. (2 pts.) 1 3) Create a summary table for the variable Exam1. The summary table should con-tain the mean, standard deviation and five number summary. Show your summary table here and compute the IQR for the variable Exam1. (3 pts.) 4) Create an appropriate graphical display to compare the distribution of Exam2 for males with the distribution of Exam2 for females. Describe the differences between these two distributions. Show your graph here. (4 pts.) 5) What does a Course_grade (y-axis) and Exam3 (x-axis) scatterplot suggest? (Look for linear vs. Non-linear trends and positive or negative trends). Show your scatterplot here. (4 pts.) 6) Create a linear regression line using least squares method for the scatterplot in (5). State your linear regression equation. What percentage of the variability of Course_grade can be explained by Exam3? Show your graph with the least squares line here. (4 pts.) 2 3...
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Lab_Exam_I_Stats_10_Fall_2011 - and Semester in this...

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