alum lab - Christina Wong 4th hour AP Chemistry 9/26/09...

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Christina Wong 4 th hour AP Chemistry 9/26/09 Synthesis of Alum Lab I. Purpose: The purpose in this lab was to synthesize aluminum foil, potassium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid to form alum crystals. II. Procedures: First of all, we took 1 gram of aluminum foil and tore it into small pieces and placed it into a 250 ml beaker. Then we added 25 mL of 3 M KOH solution, filtered it, and acidified it with sulfuric acid. After that, we cooled it and observed as solid Al(OH) 3 precipitated and dissolved through acidification. We boiled it until the water level reached a volume of 50 mL. The solution was left overnight and cooled. The next day, we observed that crystals had grown at the bottom of the beaker. We collected these through filtration, washed them with a water-ethanol (50% by volume) solution, performed our calculations on these crystals, and then went on to analyze them.
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III. Data Collection: Theoretical yield of alum: 1 gram Al x (1 mol Al / 26.98 g Al) = 0.037 mol Al 0.037 mol Al x (1 mol AlK(SO 4 ) 2 · 12 H 2 O / 1 mol Al) x (475.44 g Alum / 1 mol Alum) = 17.6 g Alum Actual Yield of Alum: 7.77 g Alum Percentage Yield:
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alum lab - Christina Wong 4th hour AP Chemistry 9/26/09...

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