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Conservation of Energy Lab

Conservation of Energy Lab - Christina Wong Jenny Yu Jim...

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Christina Wong Jenny Yu Jim Geddes Jay Samuels Adhitya Venkatesh Conservation of Energy Lab Purpose The purpose of this lab was to predict the exact location a toy car would land when it flew off the end of a slanted track. This was calculated using the rules of conservation of energy. Procedure 1. First we added the extra piece to the track. 2. We then measured how high the toy car went up the track. 3. We took measurements of the length of the track to put into our equation and obtain the actual distance affected by friction, the initial height where the car is released, the height where the car is launched, and in order to obtain work done by friction, and measured the height that the car went up to by extending the track. 4. We massed out the car and also determined the angle at which the car is launched. 5. We were able to combine the equations with friction added in (equations for conservation of energy) so that we could, then solve for the velocity.
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