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Marble Lab Reloaded - Christina Wong Wilson Wong Aaron...

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Christina Wong Wilson Wong Aaron Yanich Adhitya Venkatesh Marble Lab Reloaded I. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to calculate and predict the landing point of a marble that rolls off a ramp and lands on the floor. II. Procedure: 1. We found the height of the ramp and the distance off the ground 2. We calculated the initial velocity of the marble as it goes off the ramp 3. Used laws of conservation of energy and the rotational kinetic energy of a solid sphere to calculate the marble’s landing point 4. We launched the marble towards the target and carbon paper III. Data Table Height of ramp above table (m) Height of tabletop above ground (m) 0.31 0.91 IV. Diagrams V. Calculations
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Including Rotational Kinetic Energy: By conservation of energy, we can write mgH ramp = ½ mv 2 + ½ Iw 2 Also, since there is enough friction to say that the marble rolls without slipping, we can state that the displacement on the ramp would equal that of the circumference covered, i.e.
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