Torque lab - the forces, the masses and perpendicular...

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Jasmine Sholapurwalla Eric Shyu Wanda Wójtowicz Christina Wong Jenny Yu Shirley Zhou Erin Leppek Vishal Modi 06 January 2011 AP Physics Torque Equilibrium Lab Report I. Purpose : The purpose of this lab was to determine the mass of a hanging object using our knowledge on torque, forces, and equilibrium. II. Procedure : Mass the weight of the meter stick. Find the center of gravity of the meter stick. Using a balancing torque equation find the unknown mass. Then, using the weight, find the tension in the string. Check the percent error. III. Data : d= 1m m r = .516 kg d 1 = 9.95 cm m B =.158 kg d 2 = 42.5 cm F T = 5.9N m A =.195kg m C =.0171kg d y = .717m θ 1 = 43.5 θ 2 =43.5 IV. Calculations : Mass of Meter Stick o ( o Unknown Mass:
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o o V. Graphs : VI. Conclusion : In this experiment, we were able to successfully determine the mystery mass hanging from the meter stick that was in torque equilibrium. Taking into account all
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Unformatted text preview: the forces, the masses and perpendicular distances, we determined the unknown mass to be 0.620 kg. Our calculations resulted in a 1.64% error which verifies the concept of torque equilibrium. Some of the errors made in the experiment include the d y θ 2 θ 1 m B d m m A m C F T Tension Equilibrium m B m r d d d 1 d 2 Meter Stick Equilibrium ruler that found the mass of was not the same as the ruler in the actual lab. Some of the weights were pre-measured, so they might not have been as accurate as if we had actually measured it. Finding the weight of the ruler, as we had to use our judgment to see if the ruler was balanced and that we assumed the tension of the string was straight....
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Torque lab - the forces, the masses and perpendicular...

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