Biolog 5 - Chapter 5: Cell Membranes A. Organization...

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Chapter 5: Cell Membranes A. Organization Hydrophilic – polar – head, hydrophobic – nonpolar – tail, dissolved in cytoplasmic/extracellular fluids Lipid bilayer – basic framework for cell membrane Fluid mosaic model – composition of phospholipids, glycolipids, sterols, and proteins. Phospholipids – differ in heads, length, at least one tail unsaturated Receptors for acetylcholine do not move relative to one another. Glycophorin is a type of recognition protein to surface of RBC Cell membrane – receptors, transporters, enzymes Plasma membrane – adhesion, communication, recognition B. Membrane Proteins Outward facing – oligosaccharides and carbohydrate side chains Integral – hydrophobic parts of bilayer Peripheral – bilayer surface, hydrophilic parts interaction, weakly interact with integral Transport protein – passively let solutes diffuse through membrane protein channel a. Passive – solutes or water diffuse through channel because of conc. gradient, electric gradient, or both b. Ion selective – gates that open/close (i.e. nerve and muscle cells, sodium, calcium, potassium, and chloride) c. Active – energy input from ATP pumps solute across membrane to where it is more conc. (i.e. sodium-potassium pump, calcium pump, ATP synthase) Receptor protein – bind extracellular substances like hormones to trigger activities (i.e. enzymes control cell growth and division, antibodies by WBCs) Recognition protein
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Biolog 5 - Chapter 5: Cell Membranes A. Organization...

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