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Wilbin A. Cubi Public Rail Transportation in Atlanta Eng. 112 Prof. Pence “Public Rail Transportation in Atlanta” Heading to work at seven in the morning on highway 285 all of the sudden traffic comes to a slow crawl. Listening to the news in the radio the morning rush hour has begun. Now you wonder if getting to work on time is going to be possible. This is just one of the scenarios that most people go through on a daily basis in Atlanta. Additional public rail transportation in Atlanta is essential, despite some negativity surrounding the issue. Over the years, political red tape has hindered the potential expansion. According to the Transport Politic, “The anti- government sentiment currently festering in the United States is likely to negatively affect proposals that would do a lot to expand the commuting options for one of the nation’s largest regions." Despite the issues additional public rail transportation in Atlanta can improve our health, the environment and the local economy. First, helping the environment is essential. As more traffic grows in the city the more the environment gets compromised. If people use public rail transit the number of cars would decrease resulting in less congestion. In a report by Georgia PIRG Education Fund, “ Atlanta drivers lost 135 million hours to traffic congestion in 2007, a 49 percent increase from 1997. The waste and time and fuel cost Atlanta $3 billion in 2007.” By having less cars being in the road it will reduce the carbon emissions, like carbon monoxide, omitted by vehicles. “According to the same report, in the year 2007 there was thirty seven percent more carbon dioxide than in 1990.” Taking care of the environment in Atlanta and its surrounding cities will promote cleaner air for nature, like trees and animals. Also, using vehicles less will cut down on gasoline consumption. This will cut down on our depleting natural resources. For example oil which is one of the bi products to make gasoline. In a report by the Center Transportation Excellence state that,
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Wilbin A. Cubi Public Rail Transportation in Atlanta Eng. 112 Prof. Pence
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