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Coast Guard Unique Assignment Instructions - PAQC Coast...

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PAQC Coast Guard Unique Public Affairs Policy and Guidelines Exam The following short answer test is designed to get you familiar with the Public Affairs Manual (COMDTINST M5728.2D) and key Coast Guard public affairs guidelines and policies. Each answer is worth 5 points. The test is self paced and open book. Number and submit your answers on a separate sheet of paper along with a printed copy of the questions. This assignment is due at the beginning service unique class on training day 33. 1. Of the three public affairs elements, where do we focus the majority of our efforts? Why? 2. Explain the Coast Guard policy on release authority and responsibility as it pertains to individuals. 3. What are some of the things you can do to plan ahead in anticipation of a crisis or critical incident? 4. Describe the submission criteria for the JOC Alex Haley and CDR Jim Simpson awards. 5. List the guidelines for Coast Guard personnel who self-publish online. 6. What are the District PAO’s responsibilities with regard to Coast Guard imagery? 7. What role do Public Affairs Specialists play in the Coast Guard public affairs program? 8. How does a strong and viable public affairs program contribute to the Coast Guard’s success? 9. How does a District or Area PAO assist unit commanders in their AOR with their unit public affairs programs?
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10. What is the goal of public information efforts during a pollution response? 11. What is the Coast Guard policy regarding the reproduction of the Coast
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Coast Guard Unique Assignment Instructions - PAQC Coast...

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