FM 3-61.1 (Appendix C- PA Staff Estimates)

FM 3-61.1 (Appendix C- PA Staff Estimates) - Appendix C...

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C-1 Appendix C PUBLIC AFFAIRS ESTIMATE SAMPLE PA ESTIMATE FM 6-99 (101-5) ______________ Classification Headquarters Place of issue Date, time, and time zone Message Ref. no. PUBLIC AFFAIRS OPERATIONS ESTIMATE NO. ____________ References: Maps, charts, or other documents. Time zone used throughout the estimate: 1. MISSION This paragraph lists the command's restated mission from a public affairs perspective. 2. THE SITUATION AND CONSIDERATIONS The paragraph describes the strategic and operational media environment in which the operation is being conducted and identifies the critical factors that might impact on the command's mission -- the "action and reaction" within global media channels. It identifies the media environment across the operational continuum, describing it from "austere" for low media interest and capability in a limited AOR communication infrastructure to "dynamic" for high media interest and capability in a high-tech AOR infrastructure. At a minimum, this paragraph must include: a. Information environment. This paragraph describes the characteristics of the operation and the information environment in the area of operations. It identifies any activities or issues affecting the over-all mission and the command's public affairs objectives. b. Media presence. An assessment of the news media presence in the theater of operations prior to deployment and the likely presence of additional news media during the conduct of operations. This assessment
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FM 3-61.1______________________________________________________________________________ C-2 should address the authority under which media representatives are
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FM 3-61.1 (Appendix C- PA Staff Estimates) - Appendix C...

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