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Unformatted text preview: We should all strive for excellence in all areas of life-one of Socrates 5 claims. In this claim, Socrates justifies it by saying that happiness is a consequence of actively exercising all of our soul’s powers. He himself was a living example. In Socrates youth ages, he was apprenticed to his father who was a sculptor and he (Socrates father) worked on the “The three Muses in Their Habits” which adorned the Acropolis. Socrates was drafted into service as a foot soldier when the Peloponnesian War broke out. Even though Socrates was a low ranked soldier, he distinguished himself with a valor. During the war, he saw his friend laying wounded on the battlefield and he fought his way to him and put him over his shoulder and carried him to safety through a mass of armed soldiers. Socrates believed that a good and honorable life included using one’s gifts to the fullest extent. Such gifts include intellectuality, creativity, honorable life included using one’s gifts to the fullest extent....
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