Critical Notes #9- Aristotle and Kant Good life

Critical Notes #9- Aristotle and Kant Good life - Compare...

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Unformatted text preview: Compare Aristotle's and Kant's answer to the question -- How does on live a good life and become a good person? Well, according to Aristotle, one can live a good life and become a good person through two virtues. One, intellectual; understanding (what Plato talks about). And the other virtue is the Moral virtue; almost entirely how we act with others (what Socrates talks about). (Aristotle’s moral theory is teleological). Moral virtues are acquired by exercising them and not living life as a contented pig. When Aristotle talks about becoming a virtuous person, he’s actually talking about becoming a skillful person. According to Aristotle, a virtue, arête, is the particular excellence by which something achieves its appropriate telos . To live a good life, you must have character which you have chosen by yourself. Aristotle says that one must enjoy the proper things in life and it is through proper activities that we are...
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